Laser Hair Removal: The Holiday Gift Your Friends will Love

laser hair removalThe holiday season is here again, and you’re facing a list of loved ones who need great gifts. This year, consider a long-lasting gift that can be appreciated year after year. If you, a friend or a relative has been looking into laser hair removal for a while and has yet to make the call, why not make it a gift for the holiday season? Laser hair removal is the gift of convenience, confidence and long-term smooth skin. Plus, as a holiday gift, the recipient could have smooth skin they can’t wait to show off in time for summer.

Consider these benefits when deciding what to get for your friends or family members this season:

Laser Hair Removal Offers a Safe, Effective Process

Rather than the gift of a short-term spa outing, a gift certificate to a reputable laser hair removal center guarantees the recipient a quality treatment and experience. Waxing and at-home laser hair removal kits can pose serious risks, from irritation and bruising to severe scarring. A professional laser hair removal service, however, can provide smooth, safe results customized for each client. A facility that does laser hair removal consistently is going to provide far better results than even a doctor who does the procedure occasionally. Stick with the experts, specifically those who are willing to back up their expertise with a free lifetime guarantee.

Personal Attention with Professional Treatment

If you give the gift of professional laser hair removal, you are ensuring that the recipient has one-on-one attention and an expert opinion on how to best treat their hair and skin type. At-home or cheaper options don’t offer that same kind of customization. Additionally, only professional grade laser hair removal equipment can deliver truly long-lasting results. Do-it-yourself options, while cheaper, take more sessions to effectively reduce the hair growth, and even then it is nowhere near as effective as professional grade lasers.

Laser Hair Removal Gives Long-Term Results

The gift of laser hair removal is sure to be appreciated for many holiday seasons to come. A certified technician can deliver beautiful results in a handful of sessions, just in time for spring and summer fashion. For many people, after the initial treatment package all they need are minor touch-ups to keep skin fuzz-free. At Body Details, once you have completed your series of treatments, you will be hair-free! Any hair that grows in after a 12-month period is new hair that the body can develop due to age, diet, hormonal changes and medical conditions such as PCOS.

If you experience new growth, Body Details provides you with a free Lifetime Guarantee where you can get touch up treatments for free on any area we previously treated for life. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure you select an expert laser clinic with the background and experience to give personalized, exceptional service with a thorough consultation beforehand.

In South Florida, Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal has several locations and convenient night and weekend hours. It is also the only company that offers a free lifetime guarantee, so you can feel good about working with us. We believe in providing the best treatment possible, so our clients leave feeling confident and comfortable with their procedure. Set up your free consultation today at