Why Laser Facials Are the Ideal Skin Treatments for Busy People

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We’re all busy with work or school, family obligations, binge-watching Netflix, and attempting to maintain our social lives. That leaves us will little time to focus on our skincare routines, especially when we reach a certain age and notice a few more imperfections than usual.

In a perfect world, we’d all have the time to spend our weekends at the spa to keep our skin looking fresh and youthful, but that’s just not realistic. Rather than neglecting your skin, however, take the opportunity to look into laser facials. They’re the ideal skin treatment for those unable to squeeze a spa day into their busy schedules.

Designed to treat imperfections related to aging, sun exposure, and bacteria buildup, even one laser facial treatment can erase years of damage from your skin. If you’re looking for a solution to acne marks, fine lines, wrinkles, acne-causing bacteria, sun spots, freckles, age spots, rosacea, or an uneven skin tone, then keep reading!

Laser Facials Are Effective

One of the most obvious reasons that laser facials are the ideal skin treatment is that they actually get the job done. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on face masks or creams, as they take months of use before they make a difference. Laser facials not only show results immediately, but they’re able to target imperfections that rest deep within the layers of the skin. No other facial or skin product can do that.

Treatments Are Quick

Laser facials are done by licensed medical laser technicians at a nearby laser clinic. On average, they don’t take longer than 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. While many people have their faces treated, laser facials can also be performed on other areas of the body including the neck, chest, shoulders, and hands. Laser treatments are done so quickly that most people choose to schedule their appointments during their lunch breaks.

No PTO Needed

If you’re considering other treatments that provide similar results, you’ll likely need to use a bit of paid time off from work to recover. However, laser facials require little or no downtime. This is due to the fact that fractional lasers are used to reach the deeper layers of the skin without causing damage to the skin’s surface. Some might experience slight redness or a burning sensation similar to that of a mild sunburn, but nothing that would force you to spend the next few days in bed.

No Side Effects

Since a fractional laser is used, there’s no visible damage to the skin. The laser creates microscopic wounds deep in the layers of the skin, which prompt the body to heal itself. This results in the creation of new skin cells, free of the imperfections being targeted. Other skin treatments leave your face looking raw, and can be extremely painful. The skin might peel or scab, making it impossible to go about your daily routine. Laser facial rejuvenation treatments rarely cause side effects, and any side effects that do occur are extremely mild. Redness, slight swelling, and mild burning are the most common sensations for those who do experience side effects. On rare occasions, people have had acne breakouts after their treatments.

See Results Right Away

As the wounds created by facial laser treatments are quite small, they don’t take very long to heal. You will begin to see results right away, and the skin will even continue to improve as it heals further over the next few weeks. Unlike with many other skin treatments, there’s no waiting around for a more youthful, glowing complexion.

You Don’t Need Treatments Often

Since it takes several weeks for your skin to heal and for full results to set in, it’s recommended to receive laser facials at least four weeks apart. Far different from your weekly appointments needed at the spa to keep up with your skincare, laser facial treatments require little upkeep. Several treatments might be needed to completely eliminate your imperfections, depending on how severe they are, but results will last for several years after that.

Travel Lighter

Whether you consider yourself a nomad or you travel frequently for work, traveling lighter is always a plus. If you’ve been carrying around anti-wrinkle creams, collagen pills, facial brush cleansers, and any other gadgets and products that promise you results, then laser facials will certainly save you some space in your carry on. Not to mention the money you’ll save on skincare products, as you can get better results faster with just one laser facial treatment.

Wear Less Makeup

When your skin is flawless, you don’t have to wear as much makeup to cover up imperfections. By spending 20 minutes getting a laser facial, you’ll save that half hour each day that you spend applying foundation and concealer, all to cover up those sun spots and wrinkles. After you’ve gotten your first few laser facials, makeup will become a thing of the past.

See how it’s done in this video of 2015’s Miss Universe getting her first laser facial treatment: