Common Embarrassing Beauty Problems

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Embarrassing beauty problems occur more often than you think.

No one is flawless. Imperfections can linger for years or pop up without warning, making you run for cover – or coverup. Don’t let embarrassing beauty troubles crush your confidence and ruin your day. Learn how to solve them now.


It’s the week of your big date, and a huge zit is throbbing on your chin. All the concealer in the world won’t cover up this sucker, so you spend hours searching the internet for as many quick fixes as you can find. Acne can develop practically anywhere on the body, especially the places we like to flaunt the most. Worse, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and types, making it difficult to prevent and nearly impossible to hide. It’s caused by bacteria that becomes trapped in hair follicles, but a permanent solution, such as laser hair removal, can prevent this. Don’t let acne keep you from wearing that sexy tube top this summer.

Underarm Discoloration

Just when you’re about to head out in your brand new sleeveless sundress, you notice severe discoloration under your arms. Often caused by excessive sweating or irritation from shaving, the discoloration can be cured with a little TLC. If this is an ongoing problem, however, continue reading for a more permanent solution.


The summer sun and sweat stains seem to go hand in hand, but do they have to? It’s embarrassing enough when a neighbor catches you wiping sweat from your forehead after simply walking up a set of stairs, but when it’s drenching your clothes, that’s a whole new level of humiliation. In addition to the heat, stress and exercise can cause sweat, but regular, excessive sweat is often caused by body hair that can be significantly reduced.

Excess Hair

Excess body hair seems to pose the biggest problem during the summer months since that’s when you’re likely to show more skin. But dark arm and leg hair aren’t the only embarrassing beauty problems. Facial hair often causes caked-on foundation and blemishes. While you might think shaving or other hair removal methods are working for you, you may not realize that they’re doing more harm than good. Shaving, waxing, and even tweezing can cause blemishes, ingrown hairs, and even scarring.


Whether your unibrow is blonde or dark, it likely poses a problem on a daily basis. Shaving and tweezing aren’t permanent solutions and sometimes create more imperfections than they solve.

The best solution for any of these beauty problems is complete and permanent hair removal. Bacteria trapped in hair follicles is the main cause of acne and excessive sweating. By investing in a permanent solution like laser hair removal, your skin will appear smooth and flawless.

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