Is Brazilian Waxing Worth It? Waxing Cost vs. Laser Hair Removal

If you find yourself searching for “Brazilian wax near me” or “bikini wax near me,” stop right now! There’s a better option available to you, and it’s one that offers permanent results. Brazilian and bikini line laser hair removal can ensure that you stay soft and smooth down there, with no worry of redness or razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, and no embarrassing stubble. Best of all, over the course of your lifetime the laser hair removal process can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention being able to avoid routine trips to the waxing salon.

While there are countless benefits of laser hair removal compared to getting a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax, understanding the costs over time can help put things into greater perspective. You’ll see that laser hair removal can put a lot more money, and time, back in your pocket. That’s more money you can spend on sexy black dresses, drinks on the beach, or anything your heart desires.

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

When you live in South Florida, having unwanted body hair is never great. After all, who likes shaving their legs, bikini, armpits, back, chest and other areas every time they head to the pool or the beach? You can always wax or take other measures to get rid of your body hair, but that hurts a lot — and you’ll just have to redo it in a couple of weeks.

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Memorial Day Events in Coral Springs

Memorial Day is coming up in just a few days, giving everyone in Coral Gables a chance to relax and reflect on the sacrifices the U.S. armed forces have given us. We are fortunate to have lots of enthusiastic organizers in our community who want nothing more than to provide fun and thoughtful events for locals to enjoy that weekend.

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Nature Centers and Parks in Wellington, Florida You Should Visit this Summer

Is there a better time to go out and enjoy nature than the summer? Everyone’s out and about enjoying the sunshine (or at least using the season as an excuse to do so), and Wellington’s parks and nature centers are the perfect way to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Fun Indoor Destinations to Visit in Wellington Florida

While Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and year-round tropical weather, there are always times when we just want to get inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Luckily, there are plenty of great indoor places in Wellington to do just that. Whether you’re looking to just relax or looking for a fun time, there are a lot of options available. Continue reading

3 Best Bridal Boutiques in Coral Springs

Everyone wants to feel like a queen on their wedding day, so it’s lucky for them that Coral Springs, Florida has some of the best bridal boutiques in the region. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress or just want your little flower girl to look the part, Coral Springs has outstanding bridal stores that are absolutely worth a visit. Continue reading