5 Ways Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Different to Bikini Hair Removal

We all know that a bikini wax can be brutal, as the area is sensitive enough without being put through such a painful procedure. It’s for this reason that so many women opt for laser hair removal instead. As a permanent solution to stubble and razor bumps, the only thing women are left to decide is whether to go for Brazilian laser hair removal or bikini line laser hair removal.

More often than not, women will choose Brazilian laser hair removal as it ensures that they no longer have to maintain any area of their pubic hair and, as we all know: the less maintenance the better. Brazillian laser hair removal treatments target the hair around the entire pubic region, including the bikini line, the labia, and perianal areas. You can choose to go completely bare or to leave a landing strip if you’d like. It’s completely customizable to how you want the area to look.

If you’re still having trouble deciding between the two procedures, take a look at this list of the five biggest differences between the two.

1. Bikini Line Treatments Cover Less Ground

Unlike Brazilian treatments, bikini line laser hair removal treatments only cover the area within a few inches of the underwear line. They target all the hairs that likely wouldn’t be covered by your bathing suit bottom, as well as some hairs that would. Great for eliminating hair stubble, razor bumps, and skin irritation from ingrown hairs, these treatments will have your bikini line looking fabulous. And while they certainly help to reduce hair maintenance time, some will likely still be required to get rid of all unwanted hair in the region.

2. You’ll Still Need To Shave With Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Since bikini line laser treatments are only targeting hair that rests within a few inches of what your underwear covers, you’ll likely still need to use other hair removal methods. Everyone’s pubic hair grows differently, and it’s not uncommon for it to spread to the thighs and buttocks. So if this hair bothers you, expect to still shave or wax after you’ve completed your bikini line laser hair removal treatments. If you’d rather be able to strut around in a skimpy bikini bottom or go completely nude without touching a razor, then you might want to consider Brazilian treatments instead.

3. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Requires Longer Treatments

While both bikini line and Brazilian laser hair removal will require the same number of laser treatments, usually between five and ten, a bikini line session will likely be shorter. This is due to the fact that less hair is being targeted and your licensed medical laser technician will have less ground to cover. Neither of them takes very long to complete, often 20 minutes on average depending on the size of the surface area, but a Brazilian laser session will take a bit longer to ensure that all crevices are reached.

4. Brazilian Treatments Can Get Awkward

While both a Brazilian and a bikini line laser treatment will require a stranger to get pretty intimate with your lady bits, Brazilian laser hair removal treatments have been known to be far more awkward. Similar to a bikini wax, both kinds of treatments will likely require you to be naked from the waist down, covered by a paper drape. Since a Brazilian treatment needs to target the hair pretty much everywhere, the licensed medical laser technician might request that you position yourself in a way that gives them a view of your body few are privileged to. She may even ask for you to lift a cheek so that she can be sure to hit every nook and cranny, something she is used to doing regularly for her job. Fortunately, this process only takes a few minutes so the embarrassment doesn’t last too long.

5. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Allows For Customization

Sometimes we want to get rid of most of our pubic hair and leave a bit on the top in the shape of a landing strip or triangle. Or perhaps you want a heart or a square. Whatever floats your boat, this customization is included in most Brazilian laser hair removal packages. Since the bikini line treatments don’t address the shape of the hair on the mons pubis, you should consider Brazilian treatments instead if this is important to you.

Get a better idea of what your bikini laser hair removal treatment will be like by watching the following video:

How Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Machines Affect the Outcome

When it comes to laser hair removal, the type of laser machine being used can make all the difference in the outcome. Going to a laser clinic that uses older and outdated laser technology can leave you with a lot less money in your wallet and little to show for it. It’s for this reason that it’s important to do your research before choosing a laser clinic, and for you to understand how laser hair removal machines work.

The objective of any device designed to permanently remove hair is to eliminate the need for shaving and waxing. Devices do this by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, ultimately destroying it and preventing it from growing back. This is why early laser technology didn’t work on people with dark skin, as there wasn’t enough contrast between the skin and the hair for the laser to detect the hair pigment. Fortunately, laser technology has advanced over the years so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of ditching their razors.

The Ruby Laser

As the original laser hair removal machine, the Ruby laser was known to be effective on those with very pale skin. Anyone who had tanned or dark skin would experience hyperpigmentation after their treatments, which gave the industry a reputation that discouraged anyone of color from trusting these types of procedures. Even though the Ruby laser is outdated at this point, it’s still being used by lesser quality laser clinics and spas. It’s not as effective as newer technology, but if you have pale skin it will still get the job done.

The IPL Laser

IPL or intense pulse light devices have been promoted as lasers, but they’re actually not. Rather than delivering wavelengths into the layers of the skin, IPL devices use light pulses. They can be used for hair removal, but they’re more commonly used to treat skin conditions such as sun damage and wrinkles. When used for hair removal, these devices also use heat to target hair follicles, but they tend to be far less effective at preventing hair from growing back.

The Alexandrite Laser

Compared to the Ruby laser, the Alexandrite laser can be used on a larger variety of skin colors. However, it still causes hyperpigmentation in those with dark skin. Made with a more advanced technology, the Alexandrite laser is created using an alexandrite crystal, which is a rare and valuable crystal, second only to diamonds. Using longer pulses that allow the laser to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, it uses heat build up to destroy hair follicles and enable the hair from growing back. These lasers are not only considered effective but are often used in quality laser clinics alongside others that are more suitable for people of color.

The Nd Yag Laser

The first laser to be deemed safe for use on those with dark skin is the Nd Yag laser. It doesn’t cause any skin discoloration or blistering that could lead to scarring for people of color, but on the downside, it is known to be less effective on fine hairs. With the ability to deliver two different wavelengths, the Nd Yag laser can target both hair follicles deep within the layers of the skin as well as those on the surface. It’s not as effective as other lasers, but if you have tan or dark skin then this is definitely the way to go.

The GentleMax Pro True Laser

The GentleMax Pro True laser is a medical grade laser that offers two separate wavelengths combining the efforts of the Nd Yag laser as well as the Alexandrite laser. Offering the best of both worlds, this laser can be used to offer laser hair removal for practically anyone, regardless of their skin color. As the most advanced and strongest laser currently on the market, its dual wavelengths allow for your professional licensed medical laser technician to completely customize your treatment. If you have even the slightest concern about skin discoloration occurring after a laser hair removal treatment, then the GentleMax Pro True laser is the best choice.

If you’re interested in the science behind the lasers used for hair removal and how they work, this video explains all of the technical details you could possibly ask for.