Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments Safe for All Skin Tones?

Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments Safe for All Skin Tones?
One of the concerns we hear most often is, “I have darker skin – is it really OK for me to get laser hair removal treatments?” Once upon a time, these concerns were well-founded, but technology has changed to the point where individuals with darker skin respond just as well to laser as people with lighter skin. The key is True Laser™ technology which utilized a unique laser specifically optimized to one’s skin type. Our specialists want to discuss how this concern began, why it is now less of an issue, and how the laser removal treatment center you choose can make a big difference.

In the Early Days

When laser hair removal treatments were first approved by the FDA, the lasers targeted the melanin in hair follicles. Unfortunately, these lasers were unable to distinguish properly between the melanin in hair and the melanin in skin. This meant that many individuals with darker skin were unable to have the new laser treatments for hair removal.

New Technologies

Fortunately, a lot has changed in the 20 years since the FDA first approved lasers for hair removal in 1995. A much wider variety of laser light wavelengths have been approved, and highly specialized lasers are now able to distinguish between the melanin in skin and that in hair. These improvements have made hair laser removal much safer and more effective for individuals with darker skin.

Your Treatment Center Matters

When you go to seek laser hair removal in Miami, it is very important to make sure the treatment center you choose has the right tools to provide you with safe and effective hair removal treatments based on your skin type. If your skin is darker, you will need to have your treatments performed with a laser that has long wavelengths and pulse widths, preferably an Nd: YAG laser. If you have a lighter ethnic skin tone, you may be able to use a shorter wavelength laser, like the 755nm Alexandrite, but we recommend that you schedule a consultation first to determine if that laser will be effective for you.

No matter what color your skin is, Body Details has the perfect lasers and highly trained specialists to help you to remove your unwanted body hair permanently. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and get started.