5 Ways Summer Olympics Athletes Stay in Shape

5 Ways Summer Olympic Athletes Stay in ShapeOlympic athletes tend to have amazing bodies. Of course, they spend a lot of time training, but there are other factors that contribute to their appearance.

While following just one of these tips won’t get you the body of an Olympian, following a few will create healthy habits that can help you get in shape.

1. Drink Water

Staying hydrated is key to any successful workout, but starting on empty is a big no-no. Olympic nutritionists recommend to always hydrate before a workout, even before running a big race. Treat your workouts like you’re training for a race and consume the same amount of water that you would during a competition or marathon. It’s recommended that you consume between a half an ounce to a full ounce of water per pound of body weight.

2. Boost Your Immunity

Having a good immune system means you’ll never be too sick to work out, and any professional athlete knows how much a day or two of missed training can affect their performance. It’s recommended that they eat a diet that contains a large amount of antioxidants and superfood, all which contain the nutrition your body needs. These are foods like lean protein, colorful vegetables, and whole-grain carbs. The more colorful your plate is, the better. Add a daily multivitamin, and you’ll be using your sick days to hit the beach rather than running to the doctor.

3. Balance Your Workout

While cardio is an essential part of training, it’s important to balance your workout with strength and flexibility training as well. Keeping your workout fresh by changing it up frequently will prevent boredom, so you will likely put more effort into it. While many Olympic athletes have the time to work out and train for 20 or more hours per week, it’s likely that you’re lucky to find the time to go for a jog after work. Joining a volleyball league, riding your bike rather than driving, and staying active with friends are great ways to ensure that you always get a workout in, even when you can’t hit the gym.

4. Don’t Diet

You’re probably thinking, what? How am I going to get in shape without dieting? Well, easy. When you’re doing a lot of cardio, whether it’s while training or competing, your body requires carbs to give you the energy to perform. Dieting tends to restrict what you eat and often eliminates the carbs you need. Without them, your muscles will begin to break down because your body will resort to using protein for energy instead.

5. Prevent Irritation

When you’re working out a lot, sweat can become a major pain. Once it soaks your clothes and sticks to body hair, sweat can cause chafing wounds that can scar your skin. Aside from the hideous marks these irritations leave behind, your workout will be hindered because it will be painful to train. These irritations often occur in the creases of your skin, where sweat builds up, and anywhere that clothing and skin are in contact. To prevent this, many Olympic athletes undergo laser hair removal. Permanently removing body hair keeps skin cooler and reduces sweat production. Additionally, your sweat won’t have hair to stick to, which is the cause of most irritations.

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